Publications and other materials to download

  • Practical Experiences in Invasive Alien Plant Control, 2nd revised and expanded ed. (Rosalia Handbooks 3.): Download >>
  • Presentations of the Hungarian invasive plants seminar (14-15/10/2013): Download >>
  • Results of the European Workshop on Invasive Alien Plant Species (19-21/04/2016): Download >>
  • Nature Conservation and Research in Northern Turján Region (Rosalia 10) Download full book >> or Download by articles >>
  • Study on the landscape history of the Turjánvidék Natura 2000 site Download >>
  • Publication on invasive plants for private gardeners (in Hungarian) "Mi nyílik a kertemben? Miért veszélyesek az özönnövények és hogyan védekezhetünk ellenük?" Download >>



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Annexes of 2nd Midterm Report PDF

1st Midterm Report PDF

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1st Progress Report PDF

Annexes of 1st Progress Report PDF

Inception Report PDF

Annexes of the Inception Report PDF